The Creation Group PR Marketing and Advertising

“Working with Creation has been a turning point for our business and we are delighted to applaud their efforts and feel that our current success is a tribute to their timely and very worthwhile advice.”


Fee Structures


Most of our clients like the affordability of a monthly retainer, while others like the flexibility of calling on us as and when. Us? We're easy ...


For ad hoc jobs or bespoke packages (copywriting, training, event planning etc) we charge by the day or the job.


For strategic PR campaigns, we give you a competitive monthly rate to deliver a structured programme of activity from two dedicated account managers typically working four to five agency days per month on regional campaigns, potentially more on national campaigns.


We'll even come into your company for a day or two and teach you how to do it yourself in return for a competitive day rate.


Flexible price plans for flexible services. So flex your fingers and call - you might be surprised at how affordable we are.